Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance And You; A Good Team!!

Here’s my problem: I need to lower my monthly mortgage payment or we’re going to lose the house. That would break my heart. I love our home and would hate to let the bank take it back. My husband had to take a pretty hefty wage cut at work in order to keep his job, and that hurt. So now here we are, trying to figure out what to do. I’m told that getting a fixed rate mortgage refinance will help us, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Good thing there’s, let me tell you. This free consumer resource website is a godsend! I learned a lot about how to get a 15-year fixed rate mortgage refinance that we can afford. Let me share more of what I learned from this wonderful website.

I found out that he benefits of fixed rate mortgage refinance include paying a lower interest rate, which lowers the amount we have to pay each month. It’s easy to save thousands of dollars on a 10-year fixed rate mortgage refinance because we wouldn't be paying on it for a long period of time. The same thing applies to the 15-year refinance we’re getting. Equity in house accumulates faster, too, with a shorter term mortgage, which is good for us in case we ever need a home equity loan. The only drawback that we considered is the possibility of a higher payment, rather than the lower one we want, because of the brevity of the loan. In our case, it did not raise our payment amount, for which I was very relieved.

Back in the day when we were younger and just starting out, we took out a fixed rate mortgage, and I’m glad we did. I’m equally glad that we got a 15-year fixed rate mortgage refinance. It’s comforting to know that the amount of our payment will never change. There’s security in that knowledge, and it’s much easier to plan for in our monthly budget. guided me through the influx of financial information and misinformation that can come when you’re not sure how to find just the data that you need. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without this website’s assistance. Actually, I do: I would have gotten frustrated, given up the hunt for refinancing, and we would have lost the house.

Real-Estate-Yogi.Com is a user-friendly, no-cost website whose goal is to help people like you and I get solutions to their realty-related questions. The site is powered by over 200,000 professionals whose smart, quick responses to consumers’ inquiries are up-to-the-minute and reliable. For your complimentary consultation, dial 1-800-987-1397.

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